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Oklahoma State University

Student Survey of Instruction (SSI)


The goal of the Student Survey Instruction (SSI) used at OSU is to give students an opportunity to provide regular, meaningful comments and feedback to faculty and the University with respect to their experiences in classes taken at Oklahoma State University.  Students are asked to complete an SSI for each class they take.  The survey is to be completed before final exams and before students receive their final grades.  Instructors do not receive results until after the grading period has closed.

OSU uses Scantron's Class Climate System to deliver the Student Survey of Instruction (Course Evaluations) online.  Students have approximately two weeks to complete their evaluations, and links to the individual evaluations appear in OSU's Brightspace/D2L System.

For Fall 2018, students will be able to access and submit their evaluations during the following dates:

  • Monday, November 27, 2017 - Friday, December 8, 2017


Accessing the Survey Links as a Student

At the beginning of the survey period, students will receive emails with links to access their course evaluations.  Reminder emails will be send midway through the survey period for any uncompleted surveys.  Students will also be able to access a link to their course evaluations in Brightspace/Desire2Learn (D2L).   A link labeled "Course Evaluations (SSI) - Stillwater, Tulsa, & CHS Campuses" is available in Brightspace in the section labeled "Course Evaluations"  that appears on the left of a student's homepage or course page.  During an active survey period, clicking this link will take a student to a page that will display all the active surveys the student has to complete.  As surveys are completed, they will disappear from this list.  Students in courses with multiple instructors may see multiple links for the same course, one for each instructor, and so they should pay particular attention to the instructor's last name listed on each survey.

Accessing Survey Response Rates as an Instructor

Instructors of courses being surveyed can utilize the same link ("Course Evaluations (SSI) - Stillwater, Tulsa, & CHS Campuses")  within Brightspace/Desire2Learn (D2L) to view the current response rates of their students as they complete their surveys during an active survey period.  Response rates are ONLY available during an active survey period for the surveys open in that period (i.e., instructors cannot see response rates from previous semesters or from the current semester once the survey period is closed). 

Instructors who are also students (e.g., GTAs), must access the link from within a course for which they are an instructor in Banner and be in the instructor "role" in order to view response rates.  If the link is accessed from a student role or from the main home page, the link will take the instructor to a list of the surveys available to the instructor as a student.

Steve Brown at or call 405-744-9650 or

James Knecht at or call 405-744-9650.

Instructor Information

Additional Information

University Assessment and Testing conducted workshops in Fall 2015 for instructors to demonstrate the online SSI system, discuss best practices, and answer questions.  Below is a PowerPoint presentation from those workshops for faculty interested in learning more about the system.

UCLA conducted a study on response rates using Class Climate Software.  The results of that study are available here:

OSU uses Scantron's Class Climate online system to deliver the Student Survey of Instruction each semester.  The system was selected because it provides many important features, including:  surveys can be completed from any Internet-connected device; students can have approximiately two weeks to complete their surveys; survey links can be accessed from Brightspace/D2L, courses of all types (online, intercession, short, etc.) can be surveyed; detailed PDF instructor reports are generated more quickly; student comments are typed for easy of reading/copying; custom reports using SSI data can be created by Colleges and the University to compare across terms, instructors, departments, etc.; and the system can be used to deliver custom departmental SSIs and additional surveys as needed.  The current, standard online survey presents the same  questions to students as those included on the previous paper SSI (orange form) that was used at OSU for in-class surveys for ease of result comparison with previous semesters. 

The online system generates more comprehensive Instructor Reports more quickly than the previous paper system.  A standard PDF Instructor Report is emailed by the system to each instructor of record a few days after the grading period for a semester closes.  These reports provide much more information that is easy to copy and paste into other documents as needed.  Batch copies of instructor reports are also provided to the colleges for distribution to department heads for department records.

To view a sample online SSI Instructor Report, please click here.

Each college at OSU has a designated point of contact responsible for coordinating the SSI within their college known as the SSI Coordinator.  The current list of SSI Coordinators is available here.