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Oklahoma State University

Scanning Services

The OSU Testing Center offers the following test scanning options for faculty, staff, and graduate students here at OSU:

  • Self-Scanning of Instructor-Made Tests using 5-response answer sheets (orange Scantron sheets)
    • Typically available Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM (availability subject to OSU Testing Center closings)
  • Drop-Off Scanning of Instructor-Made Tests using 5-response answer sheets (orange Scantron sheets)
    • Results typically returned within 5 business days unless otherwise notified

Instructor-Made Tests

The OSU Testing Center has Scantron scanners programmed to score instructor-made tests on the ORANGE answer sheets. Orange answer sheets are available for purchase in the OSU Testing Center or in local bookstores.

Instructors typically can visit 100 UAT Building any time Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM (subject to availability) to use one of the three SELF-SCANNING stations to scan their tests and generate score reports.  Self-scanning is generally the quickest way to get score reports back.

Instructors may drop of tests to be scanned by OSU Testing Center personnel.  Results of scanning runs typically will be returned within 5 buisness days after materials are submitted unless otherwised notified.

Directions for Drop-Off Test Scoring:

  1. Orient all of your student's answer sheets so they face the same direction.
  2. Place your labeled answer key(s) on top of the other answer sheets so that the key(s) is(are) the first sheet in the stack (to make an answer key, take a blank answer sheet, put "KEY" in the Name spaces, then bubble-in the correct answers).
  3. Place a completed Request for Test Scoring sheet on top of the answer key, and place all sheets in a large envelope (do not bend).
  4. Bring the envelope to 100 UAT Building and put it in the "Scanning Drop-Off" box at the front desk. If the OSU Testing Center is closed, you can place the envelope in the black metal "Drop-Off" box outside the east entrance of the UAT Building.
  5. Results typically will be returned within 5 business days after they are received by UAT staff unless otherwise notified.  Instructors will be emailed when results are ready. (Please note, during high-volume time periods such as Finals Week, results may be delayed.)

Tips to Expedite Test Scoring:

  • Are the answer sheets facing the same direction? (Alphabetical is helpful but not required.)
  • Are all answer sheets marked in pencil and not pen? (Entries marked in ink cannot be scanned.)
  • Is the answer key filled-out correctly and placed on top of the answer sheets?
  • Is the Request for Test Scoring form completely and correctly filled out?