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Oklahoma State University

OSU Alumni Surveys

The Office of University Assessment coordinates alumni surveys each year. Undergraduate program alumni are surveyed in even-numbered years, and graduate program alumni are surveyed in odd-numbered years.

  • All surveys target a population of alumni who received their OSU degrees about 1- and 5- years prior to the year of survey administration.
  • The survey questionnaire consists of Common Questions about careers, continued education, and general satisfaction.
  • Academic programs may add program-specific questions for their alumni.
  • Results are are reported for the entire institution and for each participating academic unit. Responses are reported in the aggregate only; individual responses are confidential.


Surveys of Alumni from Undergraduate Programs

  2014 (full report)
  2012 (full report)
  2010 (full report)
  Combined (2002-2008) Undergraduate Highlights
  2008 report (highlights only)
  2006 report (highlights only)
  2004 report (highlights only)
  2002 report (highlights only)
  2000 report (highlights only)

Surveys of Alumni from Graduate Programs

  2015 full report
  2013 (full report
  2011 (full report)
  Combined (2003-2009) Graduate Program Highlights
  2007 report (highlights only)
  2005 report (highlights only)
  2001 report (highlights only)