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Oklahoma State University

Reimbursing Students from Assessment Accounts

Upon approval, assessment funds may be used to reimburse students for certain assessment-related activities such as costs for national standardized exams.

Academic units may reimburse students for assessment-related expenses by crediting the student's OSU bursar account. To do this, the academic unit should issue a Campus Vendor Invoice (CVI) to the OSU Bursar. The form should include the student name and ID number, the academic unit's assessment account number as the account to be charged, and the amount to be credited to the student's account. The credit will be applied to the balance of the student's bursar account. If the student has a zero balance in their bursar account, the student will be issued a reimbursement check.

When assessment funds are used to reimburse students for participation in assessment-related activities, the related assessment results and uses of the results must be described in the academic unit's annual assessment report. For example, if funds are used to reimburse students for certification exams, then the report should summarize the exam scores and how this information relates to continuous quality improvement in the curriculum or student program.