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Oklahoma State University

General Education Assessment Rubrics

The Committee for the Assessment of General Education, along with other participating faculty members from OSU, developed rubrics for use in the assessment of general education. These rubrics may be freely adapted and used by faculty members at OSU for program outcomes assessment or for assessment within courses. Faculty members from other institutions are also free to use and adapt these rubrics as long as the original source of the rubric is cited. In 2014, the University began using the rubrics developed by the Association of American Colleges and Universites' VALUE project for the assessment of Written Communication and Critical Thinking at OSU; in 2016, the University began using the Intercultural Knowledge and Competence rubric in the assessment of Diversity.

All VALUE rubrics are available from the VALUE project or from the University Assessment and Testing office.

Excerpted with permission from Assessing Outcomes and Improving Achievement: Tips and tools for Using Rubrics, edited by Terrel L. Rhodes. Copyright 2010 by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.