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Oklahoma State University

Submitting a Test

Test materials (or the proctor password for an online test) and a Test Administration Instruction Form (cover sheet) must be submitted to the OSU Testing Center at least 24 hours (preferably 48+ hours) prior to the time a student has scheduled to take the test, otherwise a student will not be able to take the test in the OSU Testing Center. If a student arrives and his/her test has not been submitted to the OSU Testing Center, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor to have the test submitted and to reschedule.

Students must schedule their own appointments, and can do so online by clicking the Scheduling a Test link to the left. Instructors cannot schedule appointments for their students.  Submission of test materials for proctoring DOES NOT constitute a scheduled appointment with the OSU Testing Center.

Instructors can submit materials to the OSU Testing Center using one of the methods listed below.  The Online Submission Form can be used by instructors at any institution.

Online Submission (RECOMMENDED):

Instructors from any institution should submit exam materials using this form, as it collects all required information and allows files to be attached.  A confirmation email is sent to the instructor email address entered in the form upon submission.  DO NOT SHARE THIS EMAIL with your students, as it will contain the test information information you submit!  If an instructor needs to make changes to the test or directions submitted through this form, such changes can be submitted by replying to the confirmation email or by resubmitting the entire form and indicating that it is a resubmit in the "Additional Directions" section.

Manual Submission:

Below is a link to a Test Administration Instruction Form (cover sheet) to be used when manually submitting test materials. Instructors can complete and print this form, and deliver it and test materials to the OSU Testing Center (100 UAT Building) during business hoursPlease note, this form should be completed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. This form should be used when submitting standard tests offerred at the OSU Testing Center, including SDS Exams, OSU Course Exams (paper-based or online), and Other Institution Exams.

Email Submission:

It is highly recommended that all instructors use the Online Submission Form.  Email submission of the above OSU Testing Center Test Administration Form (cover sheet) and test materials is allowed only in instances when the first two options above are unavailable.  A completed copy of the form above and all test materials can be emailed to:

Forms submitted by email must be completed correctly using Adobe Acrobat Reader, as other programs may not complete/save correctly.  The OSU Testing Center will require re-submission of any form not completed in its entirety or that is blank/corrupted due to completion using a program other than Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If, after submitting a form and test materials, an instructor needs to make a change to the form or test materials submitted, a corrected form and test materials must be resubmitted, and the body of the email should indicate the changes made.