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The OSU Testing Center's standard hours are 8am-5pm.

Phone: 405-744-5958 or 866-888-5166  Email:

Math Placement Exam Proctoring Information

Students have to take the OSU Math Placement Exam in a proctored environment for the score to be valid for placement (enrollment) and remediation purposes.  To facilitate this requirement, University Assessment and Testing has certified a number of proctoring locations to deliver the OSU Math Placement Exam.

Locating a Proctor

No matter which proctoring location you choose, make sure to provide them your Campus-Wide ID (CWID) number, as they will need it to certify your score.  You must also have an active OKEY email address and password in order to take the OSU Math Placement Exam.


Proctoring is available for a fee, paid by the student, at the following locations: 

  • OSU-Stillwater Testing Center (First attempts are free, subsequent attempts require a fee; practice attempts count as first attempts; advanced scheduling required)

  • OSU-Tulsa Testing Center (advanced scheduling required)

  • OSU-OKC Testing and Assessment Center (advanced scheduling required)

  • ProctorU (online proctoring available nationally and internationally, reliable high-speed internet connection and webcam required, advanced scheduling recommended as fees are based on scheduling).

  • Additional proctoring locations, sorted by state, are LISTED HERE.

Please note, proctoring fees at other locations are at the discretion of those sites.  Please do not show up at a testing center or proctoring location that is not on the above list or that has not been otherwise approved, as all proctoring locations are required to participate in a certification and orientation process before they can begin providing certified proctoring for the OSU Math Placement Exam. 

What to Expect

Most testing centers require appointments to be made at least 24 hours in advance. Be sure to contact the specific testing center you are interested in for their specific appointment policies.


Testing centers require a valid photo ID to verify your identity. Some forms of acceptable ID include a driver's license, a state ID, or a passport. Check with your specific testing center about forms of acceptable ID.


For your appointment, you must know your CWID, your O-KEY email address, and your O-KEY password. Bring this information with you to your appointment.


Allow at least two hours for completing the exam.


You may use scratch paper. The calculator will be provided on-screen for questions that allow a calculator. You must answer every question in the exam.


The proctoring location where you take the OSU Math Placement Exam is responsible for certifying your score through an online system, so make sure to request that they do so at the completion of your exam.  Only after your score is certified by the proctoring location will it be entered into your OSU student records and be available to you for enrollment purposes, and it takes approximately one business day after a score is certified for it to be entered into your OSU records. Certified scores can be viewed within your Banner account (


OSU Math Placement Exam scores are only valid for ONE YEAR from the date the exam is taken.  After one year, scores expire and students may have to take the exam again if they have not successfully placed into and completed a course at OSU.  Additionally, the OSU Math Placement Exam system is only accessible for a ONE YEAR period after a student's first login.  After that ONE YEAR period expires (even if a student has not exhausted all 5 attempts at the exam), a student needing to take the exam again will have to purchase a new account, which can ONLY be done at the OSU-Stillwater Testing Center.

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