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Assessment program funding requests are due May 31, 2024.

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Academic Program Outcomes Assessment


POA Timeline and Policy Update Announcement


Due to a recent policy change from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE), UAT is excited to announce an adjustment in the required reporting timeline for Program Outcomes Assessment (POA).   This adjustment was discussed and endorsed by AAIC in February of 2024. In an effort to give programs the best opportunity to gather assessment data and use it to create actionable plans for improvement, POA reports will no longer be mandatory on an annual basis; however, programs should ensure that assessment data is uploaded when appropriate and beneficial to the program with the below timeline in mind regarding when UAT will conduct the POA reviews and reporting to the OSRHE.


It is strongly encouraged that programs consider the continuation of the process of entering information into Nuventive on an annual basis at the behest of the college, external accreditors, and individual programmatic needs. Yearly assessment information does not only contribute to continuous program improvement, but also supplies crucial information and evidence for the program in preparing the Academic Program Review (APR).


NOTE: The needs and autonomy of each college and the external accreditors that rely upon yearly assessment work is important and respected by UAT. As such, UAT will monitor the information reported in Nuventive based on the timeline below with the understanding that alternative timelines might be necessary for some colleges. Please contact your college’s assessment representative to ensure that you are following the guidelines and needs of your specific college.


Visual Representation of the Upcoming POA Reporting Timelines

Reporting Year

POA Submission?

Report Due Date

Years/Data Included in Report

Review Year









AY 23-24

AY 24-25

Fall 2025

2026 *HLC YEAR*








AY 25-26

AY 26-27

Spring 2028









AY 27-28

AY 28-29

Spring 2030







Externally Accredited Program Information

Programs that are externally accredited now have the opportunity to provide their external accreditation documentation and assessment information in place of the POA report.


Rather than input reporting information into the Nuventive forms, an externally accredited program can now upload documentation of their external accreditation (including but not limited to their approval letter and any reports they submitted to the accreditor) in the Document Library of Nuventive. The program would also need to select the provided option in the Annual Executive Summary which states that the program is externally accredited and has provided this documentation in the Document Library.


Please keep the following in mind:

  • Choosing this option will limit the information provided in Nuventive analytics. Without entering assessment information into the Nuventive forms directly, analytics are unable to be created. Therefore, the program information will not be included in the institutional report to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and individual PowerBI program reports will not be available.
  • Similarly, by not providing program assessment reporting information into the Nuventive forms, reporting and review information and analytics will not be available to support the Academic Program Review.
  • Choosing this option will also opt the program out of the review process conducted by UAT staff. This will then remove the opportunity to apply for assessment funding and the UAT assessment champion award.

NOTE: Again, this proposed change is in line with the institutional needs for assessment based on the OSRHE policy. However, we respect the individual needs and processes within each college when it comes to assessment reporting. Please contact your college’s assessment representative to ensure that you are following the guidelines and needs of your specific college when it comes to reporting on externally accredited programs.

Assessment Plans and Annual Reports
Guidelines for Assessment Plans and Reports
Archived Plans and Reports

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Funding for Program Outcomes Assessment

For information on applying for funding for program outcomes assessment, visit: Funding for Program Outcomes Assessment


OSU's Institutional Student Assessment Plan

- Approved by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE), February 9, 2022
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