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Assessment program funding requests are due May 31, 2024.

For more information on assessment, please email

Funding for Program Outcomes Assessment

OSU faculty and staff members may request funds to support student learning outcomes assessment for undergraduate, graduate, or certificate programs or for assessment in other areas including entry-level assessment, mid-level or general education assessment, and assessment of other programs aimed at enhancing student learning.

The request period for FY25 is open until May 31st.
FY25 Funding Requests


Upon submission of the form, you will receive a confirmation email that will include a copy of the information you enter.  If your academic college requests a copy of your budget request, you should forward this confirmation email. Departments should contact their Associate Dean's office if they have questions or need specific information.

Click here for Guidelines on the Use of Assessment Funds
Additional Budget Request Documents

The budget request form is online, but, depending on the specific funding request, departments may need to attach one or more of the following documents:

Consultant and/or External Reviewer Request Form

Mailing Expenses Request Form

Printing, Duplicating, and/or Binding Request Form

Software Request Form

Supply Request Form

Tips for Completing the Assessment Budget Request Form

More Information About Assessment Funds

Assessment is supported by a $1.30/credit hour fee paid by OSU undergraduate and graduate students.* Assessment fees are used to implement a broad range of assessment programs on campus, including assessment of entering freshmen and transfer students, general education assessment, assessment of student and alumni satisfaction, program outcomes assessment, and a broad range of special assessment projects aimed at providing useful information for continuous quality improvement in student programs.


Assessment funds are distributed through the Office of University Assessment under the direction of the Assessment and Academic Improvement Council and the Division of Academic Affairs.


Assessment funds are allocated based on the Assessment and Academic Improvement Council's guidelines for appropriate uses of assessment fee money. Program enrollment is also considered in the allocation of funds so that programs with larger student enrollments are eligible for more assessment funds than those with smaller enrollments.

*OSU College of Veterinary Medicine and College of Osteopathic Medicine students do not pay assessment fees and so are ineligible to request assessment funds.
Carry Forward Balances in Assessment Accounts

Funds in assessment accounts are provided for the current fiscal year only. Unused funds will be recovered by the Office of University Assessment for use in other assessment projects. If a project will not be fully completed by the end of the fiscal year (July 1st), recipients must send a request for an extension in writing to the Director of University Assessment and Testing at for approval.

Carry Forward Request Form
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