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The OSU Testing Center's standard hours are 8am-5pm, M-F, through August 2023.

Phone: 405-744-5958 or 866-888-5166  Email:

Scanning Services

The OSU Testing Center offers Self-Scanning of Instructor-Made Tests using 5-response answer sheets (orange Scantron sheets) to faculty, staff, and graduate student instructors at OSU.  Instructors can visit 100 UAT Building Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM  to use one of the three SELF-SCANNING stations to scan their tests and generate score reports (subject to OSU Testing Center hours of operation).

Instructor-Made Tests

The OSU Testing Center has Scantron scanners programmed to score instructor-made tests on the ORANGE Scantron sheets. These sheets are available for purchase in the OSU Testing Center or at the University Store at the Student Union.


The OSU Testing Center released a redesigned ORANGE Scantron sheet in Fall 2019.  This version contains the following improvements: a "Course Prefix" field; a Student ID field that is exactly 8 digits (to match the 8 digits CWID without the leading A); a "CRN" field with 5 digits; and a "Test Version" field for multiple versions tests (up to 10 different test versions can now be scanned together when multiple keys are utilized).  Only this version of the Orange Scantron sheet can be scanned using the scanners in the OSU Testing Center, as the previous version has been retired.  All instructors should make sure their students use the current version when testing. 


Instructors who utilize orange Scantron sheets must come to the OSU Testing Center (or send someone) in order to utilize the self-scanning machines to scan their own exam answer sheets during open hours.  Testing staff may be available to assist with scanning issues as they arise, depending on availability (during peak testing times staffing is limited to assisting scheduled testers).  However, instructors are expected to scan their own test sheets.  Detailed directions (with pictures) are provided at each scanning station for instructors unfamiliar with the scanning process.

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