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The OSU Testing Center's standard hours are 8am-5pm.

Phone: 405-744-5958 or 866-888-5166  Email:

OSU Testing Center Policies

The following policies and procedures apply to every person testing at the OSU Testing Center in Stillwater, OK. For national tests, specific testing rules are determined by their respective testing agencies, however the following policies and procedures still apply to candidates of such tests at the OSU Testing Center, except in such instances where the following conflict with the rules established by the respective testing agency.

  • Examinees must make appointments at least 24 hours prior to the test date. It is recommended examinees schedule tests one to two weeks (if not further) in advance.
  • The OSU Testing Center enforces an appointment cancellation policy.  Any OSU student who cannot make a scheduled appointment must cancel or reschedule by 5PM the DAY OF the appointment.  Failure to contact the OSU Testing Center by this deadline will result in the student receiving a bursar account charge for the full cost of the appointment.  This includes students registered for Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Exam appointments, as the SAS Office does not cover the cost of missed appointments.
  • Examinees must notify their instructors that they have made their appointments at the OSU Testing Center and request instructors submit their tests following directions on the OSU Testing Center website.
  • Examinees must sign in before taking their tests.
  • OSU students must know their course prefix, course number, CRN number, test name/number, and instructor’s name.
  • Examinees are responsible for making payment of all required test/exam fees prior to being allowed to test.  Fees can be paid by check, credit/debit card, or bursar account charge.  An active OSU ID card is REQUIRED to charge to a bursar account.  Current fees are listed on the Test Pricing Guide.
  • Examinees are not allowed to bring unauthorized items into the testing area. While not an exhaustive list, the following items are not permitted in the testing room:
    • backpacks
    • calculators/laptops/other electronic devices*
    • cameras or recording devices
    • cell phones
    • ChapStick/lip balm/makeup
    • flash drives*
    • food or drink
    • hair bands or "scrunchies"
    • hats/caps/headgear#
    • hoodies/hooded jackets or hooded clothing of any type
    • heavy coats
    • keys
    • listening devices (radios, headphones, recorders)*
    • mechanical pencils*
    • notes or books*
    • pagers or beepers
    • papers of any kind*
    • pens*
    • rulers*
    • sunglasses*
    • personal tissues
    • purses/handbags
    • wallets
    • watches
    • wireless communication devices of any kind
    • wrist bands/sports bands/bracelets

     #Allowed only for religious reasons
     *Allowed only with permission of instructor or SAS accommodation. OSU Testing Center staff will examine the object before use in the test.

  • All examinees, regardless of the test being taken, will be scanned with a metal detector wand prior to EVERY entry into the test room.  If refused, the examinee will not test unless refusal is due to pregnancy or medical devices attached to the body.
  • Examinees will raise slacks/pants legs/long skirts above their ankles and pull sleeves up (if long sleeves are worn) prior to every entry into the testing room.
  • Examinees will empty and turn out all pockets in clothing worn into the testing room prior to every entry into the testing room to confirm that they have no prohibited items.
  • Examinees are not permitted to leave the testing room once testing has begun until their test is finished. No breaks are permitted (emergencies excluded) unless the rules for that test allow breaks.
  • Restroom breaks are allowed with permission from OSU Testing Center staff. Examinees must notify staff at front desk when leaving the test room.
  • Examinees must present proper, physical, valid ID before entering the testing room and after testing. Physical IDs must be kept on the examinees' testing surfaces (desks) and be visible to proctors and the camera system throughout testing. ID requirements differ among tests. Examinees are responsible for determining the form(s) of ID required for each test to be taken.  Digital/Mobile IDs are NOT acceptable for testing as mobile devices are not allowed in the testing room, and examinees must have a valid ID with them throughout testing.
  • Examinees should ask any questions they have before beginning a test.
  • Students are responsible for supplying any materials specified by the instructor (e.g. SCANTRON sheets, blue books, graphing paper, calculators, etc.) as required for the test. The OSU Testing Center will provide writing utensils and computer access as appropriate.
  • The OSU Testing Center is not responsible for providing, or required to provide, any such materials.
  • Personal belongings must be stored in a locker during testing. Lockers have limited space, so examinees must plan accordingly when bringing personal items into the OSU Testing Center.
  • Examinees are expected to follow all directions given by OSU Testing Center proctors and personnel.
  • Examinees will be monitored by camera while in the testing room. Any appearance of cheating will be investigated and reported.
  • Examinees must be considerate of other examinees by being as quiet as possible while in the OSU Testing Center and especially while entering, in, and exiting testing rooms.
  • Talking is prohibited in the testing rooms.
  • Food or drink are NEVER allowed in the testing rooms.
  • If an examinee is late for a testing appointment, he or she may be asked either to sign a waiver of time or to reschedule the test for another date.
  • All tests must be completed by 15 minutes prior to the OSU Testing Center's close of business time. Examinees whose appointments are scheduled late in the day must understand that they may not receive the full allowed time for their tests due to this closing rule.
  • Tests must be completed in one sitting unless specified in the test instructions.
  • Examinees who wish to lodge a complaint about a test administration must do so immediately after the test to a proctor or other OSU Testing Center staff. Irregularities will be investigated and reported.

UPDATED 3/9/2021

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