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The OSU Testing Center's standard hours are 8am-5pm.

Phone: 405-744-5958 or 866-888-5166  Email:

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP exams allow students to earn credit for certain courses for which they know the material.  Unlike Advanced Placement, CLEP is not built around a curriculum but is designed to test students' knowledge of college-level subjects regardless of where they may have gained that knowledge. Students satisfying the minimum scores indicated below can earn credit at OSU-Stillwater or OSU-Tulsa for the equivalent course(s) listed in the table below provided they meet all OSU Academic Regulations pertaining to credit by exam (see below).  OSU does not charge any tuition or fees for credit by exam. The only expenses to the student are the actual cost of the exam and exam administration fees.

OSU currently offers credit for the following CLEP exams:
CLEP Subject Exam Min. Score OSU Equivalent Course Possible Hours Earned
Accounting, Financial 50 ACCT 2103 3
American Government 50 POLS 1113 3
Biology 50 BIOL 1113 3
Business Law, Introductory 50 LSB 3213 3
Calculus 50 MATH 2144 4
Chemistry 50 CHEM 1314, 1515 9
College Algebra 50 MATH 1513 3
College Composition* 54 ENGL 1113 3
Educational Psychology, Introduction to 50 EPSY 4223 3
French Language I 50 FREN 1713, 1813 6
French Language II 59 FREN 1713, 1813, 2713 9
German Language I 50 GRMN 1713, 1813 6
German Language II 60 GRMN 1713, 1813, 2713 9
Human Growth and Development 50 EPSY 3113 3
Macroeconomics, Principles of 50 ECON 2203 3
Microeconomics, Principles of 50 ECON 2103 3
Management, Principles of 50 MGMT 3013 3
Marketing, Principles of 50 MKTG 3213 3
Precalculus 50 MATH 1715 5
Psychology, Introductory 50 PSYC 1113 3
Sociology, Introductory 50 SOC 1113 3
Spanish Language I 50 SPAN 1713, 1813 6
Spanish Language II 63 SPAN 1713, 1813, 2713 9
Spanish with Writing I 50 SPAN 1713, 1813 6
Spanish with Writing II 63 SPAN 1713, 1813, 2713 9
*College Composition Exam

The CLEP College Composition Exam contains multiple-choice items AND two mandatory essays scored by CLEP.  Essays are only scored twice a month, so candidates may have to wait anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to receive their official scores on this exam.  More information on the exam and how it is scored is available on the CLEP website.  OSU does NOT accept the CLEP College Composition Modular Exam.


The cost of all CLEP exams is the same and involves two fees, paid separately:  one to CLEP and another to the OSU Testing Center.  View the Test Pricing Guide for current OSU Testing Center pricing. 


The OSU Testing Center is a Fully Funded CLEP testing center.  U.S. military personnel, certain spouses, and civilian employees are eligible to have both portions of the fees for CLEP exams covered through Defense Activity for Non Traditional Education Support (DANTES) funding.  DANTES funds the cost of one exam in each of the CLEP subject areas.  For more information on this program, current eligibility charts, and directions on how to register as a DANTES-funded test taker, visit

CLEP for Veterans

Depending on their benefits election, some veterans can claim full reimbursement of the costs paid for CLEP exams and exam administration fees under provisions of the Veteran's Benefits Improvement Act of 2004 (Public Law 108-454), which enhances the education benefits of the Montgomery GI Bill.  Veterans interested in taking a CLEP exam at the OSU Testing Center should visit prior to scheduling an appointment for more information on eligibility for the CLEP benefit as well as directions on how to file for reimbursement. 

OSU Academic Regulations Pertaining to Credit by Exam
  • Credit will be recorded with a neutral grade of “P” (Pass) if a student earns the minimum score set by OSU for the examination.  No grade is recorded if a student fails the exam.

  • The amount of credit that may be applied to a degree program is subject only to meeting the residence credit requirements of OSU.

  • A native speaker of a foreign language (one whose high school level instruction was conducted principally in that language) cannot earn credit toward graduation in lower-division (1000-2000 level) courses in that language. Under certain circumstances this policy may be waived.  Students should contact the dean of their college for further information.

  • A student must need the course to meet some requirement for a certificate or degree being pursued at OSU.

CLEP Ticket Registration and Information

Visit the following website for more information on CLEP ticket registration and exam information:

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