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The OSU Testing Center's standard hours are 8am-5pm.

Phone: 405-744-5958 or 866-888-5166  Email:

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airman Knowledge Tests (AKTs)

The OSU Testing Center is a PSI testing center, offering Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airman Knowledge Testing (AKT).  The following is a list of some of the most common FAA certifications offered at the OSU Testing Center:

  • Private/Recreational, Commercial, Instrument, Flight Instructor, Airline Transport, Flight Engineer, and Mechanic/Rigger

    • The number of questions and the time allotted for each test varies greatly from test to test. Most licenses/ratings require a specific amount of flight time, instruction received, and the passing of a flight test.

Test Registration

Applicants interested in scheduling an FAA AKT at the OSU Testing Center must register online through PSI's TRUE TALENT website:


All new users will have to create an account.  In order to create an account, new users must know their FAA Tracking Number (FTN).  Users who do not have or know their FTN will need to log in or sign up via the Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application (IACRA) website to obtain their FTN (the login/registration field is at the top right).

ID Requirements

All applicants must have a valid, current photo ID that includes the applicant's date of birth, signature, and physical, residential address to take any FAA exam.


U.S. citizens are required to present one identification card issued by any US state, territory or government entity (e.g., driver permit or license, government ID card, or military ID card), OR a Passport, OR an alien residency card.  If the ID presented does not include a current physical, residential address, a second form of applicant address verification must be presented (see below).


Non-U.S. citizens must present a valid, current passport AND a driver permit or license issued by a U.S. state or territory or an identification card issued by any government entity.  This second ID must meet the requirements listed above.  If the passport and/or the second ID do not include a current physical, residential address, a third form of applicant address verification must be presented (see below).


Log books or sign off sheets with endorsements may also be required depending on the certification exam taken.  Please note that ID requirements are subject to change and can be different depending on the certification exam, so applicants should contact the OSU Testing Center at 405-744-5958 for the current ID requirements for each FAA certification exam.

Applicant Address Verification

If the acceptable form(s) of identification provided does not include valid and current proof of the applicant's physical/residential address, the applicant may utilize his or her parent's permanent, physical/residential address; or the applicant may provide proof of his or her physical/residential address by presenting another form of address verification that displays the applicants name and current physical/residential address on it.  Some common examples of applicant address verification include: public utility statements (water, electric, or gas but NOT cable), mortgage statements, signed lease agreements, letters on official letterhead signed by a school/university staff/faculty member stating the applicant resides at that school/university, property tax bills/receipts/deeds, homeowners/renters insurance statements, motor vehicle title/registration, US Military 'Home of Record' documentation, or voter registration cards.  Applicants should view the FAA Airman Knowledge Testing Matrix for a complete list.

Additional Resources

For more information about the Federal Aviation Administration and FAA certifications, please visit the FAA website:

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